Your child is a precious blessing. I am humbled and blessed each time one of you trusts me – and our school – with your little one.  As the Director of St. Paul’s Preschool, I feel the great responsibility of partnering with you to ensure that your child is nurtured and grown here. We will love your child, help them develop a love for learning and, most importantly, we will show your child how much our Savior Jesus loves them.

~ Heidi Meyer, Director / Preschool Teacher

Our Philosophy

The spiritual, mental, social, emotional and physical needs of children will be nurtured in a relaxed atmosphere with emphasis on the enjoyment and pleasure of learning.  St Paul’s Preschool does this by:

  • Sharing the Good News about Jesus with young children
  • Helping children learn how valuable they are because God made them and redeemed them
  • Helping children grow in Christian love and respect
  • Meeting each child at his or her developmental level and helping them grow
  • Helping children learn skills necessary for a successful school experience
  • Helping children adjust socially within their peer group
  • Helping children learn to love going to school
  • Helping children learn independence in work and play
  • Helping children experience small and large group play
  • Helping children develop their large and small motor skills, and muscle coordination
  • Helping children develop their visual and auditory skills
  • Helping children work on math and reading readiness

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St. Paul’s offers Preschool programs for children ages 3, 4, and 5.

  • Extended hours of education and care are also available. Please see the Extended Care Options link below.

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