The Christ-centered curriculum of St. Paul’s puts special emphasis on the formal study of God’s Word; however, our curriculum also includes all secular academic disciplines. The course of study meets and in many cases exceeds Minnesota State Department of Education standards. Our well-rounded educational program provides varied opportunities for children to develop skills that prepare them for continued spiritual, academic, and physical growth. Finally, Christian education at St. Paul’s focuses on the children’s most important need: it prepares them for eternal life in heaven (2 Timothy 3:15).

At St. Paul’s, the Word of God is the foundation of all we do. As all academic disciplines are taught from a Christ-centered point of view, the Holy Spirit secures in our hearts and minds his holy Word. Good attitudes and behavior, good stewardship, appropriate dress and speech, proper preparation for class, and adherence to school guidelines are just a few ways God’s Word is evidenced in our lives.


St. Paul’s Lutheran School exists to assist families through Christ-centered education.

Painting by former St. Paul's student Jason Jaspersen commemorating the 125th Anniversary of St. Paul's School.
Painting by St. Paul’s school alumnus Jason Jaspersen commemorating the 125th Anniversary of St. Paul’s School.