Faculty and Staff Training

NWEA MAP Test Training

  1. Student Test Window: https://test.mapnwea.org¬† If it says it’s blocked by a pop-up blocker, have the student select the option to allow popups from this website.
  2. Teacher Menu area: https://teach.mapnwea.org <– That link still works, but will take you to this page – new Fall 2023 https://start.mapnwea.org
  3. Below are images of the new Teacher Menu area available starting Fall 2023. To get to the old menu as shown in the videos below, please click on the Rostering link in this image.

    • Then select¬†Manage Students.

Student Practice test: https://practice.mapnwea.org The login for every student is grow and password is grow. Students will need to select their Grade, the Subject you want them to use for a practice test, their spoke Language (English is the only option) then the specific Type of test.

For best viewing, make the following videos full screen and adjust the video quality to the maximum level using the Gear icon in the lower right corner of the video window.

Set up new test sessions each fall and test your students (9/23/18)

You need to set up test sessions each fall. You can not reuse last school year’s test sessions since the students you had last year are still tied to those test sessions. If you wish to reuse the title of a session from last year, please delete last year’s test sessions then create new ones for this school year. The following video shows you how to do that.

Move test session to new testing period (1/22/18)

Move a test session from one test period to a new period during the same school year (e.g. Fall session to the Winter session).