Coronavirus Information

St. Paul’s COVID Dashboard

(Data is from the previous Monday-Sunday week)


  • New Positive Cases denotes the number of current positive cases being tracked from SPLS as of the time an email was sent listing this data.
  • Total Positives is the number of cases our school has had test positive since the school year began.
  • Currently Quarantined or Isolated denotes the number of current individuals (students, faculty, or staff) currently quarantined at home for any amount of time as of the time an email was sent listing this data.

Data shared in the chart above only reflects the dates of the update. Quarantines may result from previous positive tests outside of this data set.

If your…

  • child is staying home due to some COVID related symptoms in the family, please contact the school nurse, the school office and the child’s teacher. An email to all three works well. If dealing with a positive case, a phone call would be best.
  • child is returning to school, an email to all three would be appreciated. If you have results of a test, please bring that to the office.

St. Paul’s Lutheran School – COVID Communication Plan

New Ulm Area COVID Testing Sites – Updated 4/19/21

St. Paul’s Lutheran School Update (5/17/02021)

Graduation Service – We are looking forward to our Graduation Service next week. We invite all of our graduates and their families to the service at 6:30 pm in St. Paul’s Lutheran Church. Families can invite extended family to join them at the church service. We are not assigning pews or seats to families. We will be opening the church doors at 6 pm to let families come in and reserve pews. Each family can reserve two pews. A small gathering is planned for outside after the service.

School Closing Service – Due to COVID restrictions we will not be having our K-8 school closing service this year. We plan to return to our normal K-8 Graduation and Closing Service next year.

New Guidelines – St. Paul’s will continue to follow our Safe Learning Plan until the end of the school year. Please help support your child’s teacher by continuing to be encouragers of our plan during the last few days of school we have left. This includes the wearing of masks when inside school and social distancing

COVID Vaccine Information – Minnesotans can visit to make a vaccine appointment at a Community Vaccination Program site or use the Find Vaccine Locations map to locate a provider near them.

Previous COVID-related Updates (July 2020 – Current)